B2B Social Media is Different

If you’re not getting what you need from your social media, it might be because you’re taking a B2C game plan to a B2B industry.

You’re not selling pizza or shoes so why is your social media the same as a consumer-oriented business?

Let’s get you on track.

You can play hockey with a set of golf clubs but you won’t be very good

Many of our industrial, commercial & professional services clients have not seen the returns they’ve been promised from their social media investments.  Here are some of the reasons why.

B2B companies should expect different results on social than B2C companies – clear objectives are critical

Consumer-oriented social media service companies use B2C strategies, social platforms, tactics, and content that don’t work the same for B2B businesses

Employees managing the social media don’t have the expertise, direction, or understand the goal

Social media that gets you closer to the goal line

We know B2B businesses and the effort and investment that works for companies that sell to other businesses.  Here’s what we bring to the team.

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  • A practical social media strategy

  • Content strategy and calendar

  • Updates to your company pages

  • Clean up and grow your followers

  • Regular engagement on your page
  • 2-4 posts per week on each platform
  • Weekday page monitoring

What’s the Bench Strength difference?

Put us in coach!  Our services are always strategic and built just for B2B companies.


We want to narrow the number and focus of your social platforms.

Many people are involved in B2B purchase decisions.  We want to reach them but that doesn’t mean we’re connected on every platform.

We build on 1 or 2 platforms, do that well, and introduce more when we’ve got processes and systems in place.


We know what we don’t know.

The language in your industry, the words you use to describe your company, products or services, and how customers talk about the problems they have are important.

We help you focus the messages to critical audiences to build success and momentum in one market before building in another direction.

We Know B2B

Our knowledge of B2B marketing and our experience in B2B social media allow us to give our clients processes, systems and insights that they won’t get anywhere else.

Strategic social media for B2B

At Bench Strength Marketing, our knowledge, informed consultation, and experience make the difference.

  1. Strategic – social that supports your business objectives – no assumptions
  2. Adaptable – our work complements your existing internal resources to maximize your investment
  3. Focused – we concentrate on one or two platforms that will really make an impact on your business
  4. Coordinated – we utilize your current content and make suggestions for developing content that you can use in other marketing

Contact us to create a social media plan that meets your business goals.

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