Fractional Marketing Services for B2B Businesses

Adding depth to your marketing bench quickly and economically

We help B2B businesses create marketing strategies focused on profitable growth.

At Bench Strength Marketing, it’s all about your team.  We’re only one part of it.

What problems are you trying to solve?

Maybe lagging sales have created financial difficulty for your business.  Or you’ve tapped out your personal networks and don’t know where to turn next.  You might wonder if you’ve stopped growing and this is all there is for your business.

Your marketing playbook should include:

  • How to build and maintain your sales pipeline
  • A reliable sales and marketing process that can help you forecast
  • A way to measure your success and understand where you are

Spending time and money on the wrong marketing plans and tactics won’t get you to your goals.  Marketing tactics better suited to consumer markets usually don’t work when selling to businesses.  And, you need more than just the latest online marketing trend to create a sustainable plan.

Your marketing playbook should include:

  • Staff, freelancers, and consultants who understand B2B marketing and are available to you when needed
  • Prioritization of your opportunities and a calendar of tactics
  • KPIs that help you measure performance and make changes and adjustments over time

Is your marketing ad hoc, reactionary, and not strategic?  Is your marketing disorganized and wasting money?  Are marketing projects not getting done or are mistakes being made?  Do you think you should be doing more but not sure how to make it happen?

Your marketing playbook should include:

  • A marketing strategy linked to your corporate goals and that oulines an action plan
  • Systems to automate, track, and measure your marketing efforts
  • Someone in a defined role to lead your marketing

Profitability is critical for any business.  At it’s simplest, Profit = Sales-Expenses and the best way to bring money into your business is to make a sale.

Your marketing playbook should include:

  • Demand creation for short-term sales and cash flow
  • A profitable pricing structure(s)
  • An understanding of current and new customer value and purchase frequency

What you say and how you say it are at the core of your marketing.  And that applies whether you’re trying to reach new customers, existing customers, or investors.

Your marketing playbook should include:

  • A clear definition of the pain points, the fears, and the goals of each audience
  • An outline of your messaging for all contact points
  • Tactics that reach your customers where they are