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Thoughtful Forecasting Matters

Thoughtful Forecasting Matters Ever been short on cash because a market imploded, or a critical deal didn’t go through?  Most businesses have been here before. Sometimes the situation was a [...]

Give Your Customers a Taste

Give Your Customers a Taste When we go to a farmer’s market, specialty grocery or even a big box grocery store on a Saturday, you could eat a meal made [...]

Marketing Tool Spotlight: Feedly

Marketing Tool Spotlight: Feedly Stay in the know. Feedly is a great option to add to your marketing tool kit. You tell it the site or topics relevant to your [...]

B2B Event Marketing Checklist

Trade shows are a great opportunity to showcase your products and services, but they can also be stressful and costly. That's why we created a checklist to help you plan ahead and make the most of your time and money.

Marketing Tool Spotlight: Screamingfrog

Marketing Tool Spotlight: Screamingfrog Improve your SEO without being an expert. We like the Screamingfrog Spider Tool because it helps identify some of the basic things you can do on [...]

Writing a Case Study People Will Read

Writing a modern case study is a great way to showcase your brand’s value and success stories to your potential customers. Here are some tips to help you write a more effective and engaging case study.

  • Research & reviews can be a helpful marketing tool

Responding to Research Studies and Ratings

Using Research & Reviews in Marketing & Sales Many companies find their products part of research studies that compare their products to others in the marketplace.  The results can help [...]

Marketing Tool Spotlight: Markup.io

Marketing Tool Spotlight: Markup.io A simple way to request website edits. We like to use Markup.io as an easy way to share comments on our clients websites.  It requires an [...]

Social Media is Everyone’s Job

Social Media is Everyone’s Job Many of our clients hire someone to manage their social media feeds for them.  This is a viable alternative to hiring an employee specifically for [...]

Covering the SEO basics for a small business

Covering the SEO basics for a small business All of our clients have heard me say: “I’m not an SEO expert, but…” Honestly, I don’t think anyone is an “expert” [...]

  • Using Social Media

Using Social Media – Personal vs. Business

Using Social Media – Personal vs. Business Using Social Media: Personal vs. Business Have you seen too many trolls?  Fake people want to connect with you?  Watched the train wreck [...]

  • Social Media

Social Media from a New Perspective

Social Media from a New Perspective ‘We don’t do social media.’ We hear this from many of our clients who do business with other businesses.  Seeing the possibility in using [...]

  • sales and marketing team

How to Add Marketing to Your Sales Mix

When you add a marketer to your sales team, the result can be disastrous unless you invest time into creating an atmosphere of cooperation. Here are some tips to help you get there.

  • trade show go or no go

Trade Shows: Go or No Go

Trade shows organizers are knocking on your door again. Some people in the company treat them as a given but are they really? Should you go?

  • Shared marketing calendar

Foundation for Marketing Success – Shared Calendars

When you hired your marketer you probably didn’t include mind-reading in the job description. Don’t leave your marketer and your team out of the loop. Access to your schedule gives them insight into how they can best help you succeed. (...)

  • Writing a blog

Writing your own blogs?

Are you asking someone on your team to write blogs for your website? Planning to write some yourself? Start with these tips. (...)

  • Celebrate your marketing wins

Celebrate Your Marketing Wins

Maybe you have more marketing wins to celebrate in 2021 than you thought. Here are some small wins that mean a lot in the big picture (...)

  • Hiring great salespeople

Finding Great Salespeople

If you thought that finding someone for a warehouse or administrative position is hard today, you may not have the fortitude to look for a great salesperson. You’re not alone – US estimates for sales position turnover range from 25% to a whopping 55% and Canada is ...

  • PR tips for b2b

Know What’s News. PR tips for B2B

PR tips for B2B I just saw a post from a company saying they were 19th in the country in a specific metric. Please note that I saw the company’s post – it was not an article in the news. Can you name the 19th place team [...]

  • Follow up phone call with leads

Is it time to follow up with your undecided leads?

Your prospects have options. They can choose you, choose your competitor, or choose to do nothing. If your last conversation with a prospect ended with "let me think about it" and is followed by no responses to your emails or [...]