Need more sales?

Prioritize, organize, and structure your B2B marketing

  • Generate leads
  • Build relationships
  • Drive profit

We might change your mind about consultants.

Jill Sauter and Carla Trobak

Does your marketing need some Bench Strength?

Identify and prioritize your opportunities

There are alot of directions you can go, but which ones create the best ROI?

Clarify your messaging and plan your tactics

Getting your message right is crucial but so are choosing the right tactics and timing them to get the best response.

Tie everything back to measurable goals

Your marketing spend should be an investment with a return you can measure.

Build your internal marketing function

Repeatable processes and a team of resources puts you in control of your marketing.

Marketing Problems?  We can help.

Need a Plan?

  • Navigating through corporate or market change?
  • Launching a new product or entering a new market?
  • Cutting or adding salespeople?
  • Creating a marketing budget?
A Pre-Game Workout gives you a clear, practical marketing strategy with no strings attached

Website Trouble?

  • Neglected or dated website?
  • Managing your website To Do list without a marketer?
  • Enhancing recruitment?
  • Launching new products or entering new markets?
When it’s time for an overhaul, let us check that To Do off your list

Attending Trade Shows?

  • Need better ROI for shows you attend?
  • Educating customers on a new solution?
  • Launching a new product or service?
  • Entering a new market?
Trade shows are expensive marketing.  Get a return on your investment with a Trade Show Optimization Strategy?

Hard Time Hiring?

  • Need the right kind of applicants?
  • Need to hire soon?
  • Want a strong reputation as a great employer?
Tell the world that you’re an amazing employer with a Digital Recruitment Communications Audit

Social Headache?

  • Need to find new buyers?
  • Want to reach niche markets?
  • Attract the right candidates?
When no one in your company can keep it going, let us help

Don’t have the budget for a full-time marketing employee but still need to get the work done?

We offer strategy, planning, and marketing project management at a fixed monthly fee.

Let’s talk about how Bench Strength can help your B2B Marketing